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Encounter Retreats

Jesus often took His disciples away from the crowds for a time of learning from Him and learning about themselves. In their time away with Christ, they would have the opportunity to encounter God, through Jesus, and come face to face with, or encounter, themselves. The result of these encounters was a closer relationship with Jesus, and more effectiveness in every area of their lives. Consider the results after the gathering of the 120, after having an encounter with God, in receiving the Holy Spirit, they went into the world with a new power and effectiveness.

An Encounter is one of the single, greatest experiences you could ever have. The Encounter is a 3-day retreat where you experience God’s awesome power. You will encounter God, you will encounter your self and you will encounter community. When we encounter God we are changed, transformed and set free. The negative influences of your past and present will be uprooted causing a major change in your life. Your future will be one with purpose as you begin to see the great destiny God has planned for your life. Consistently, those who have attended have said that the Encounter Retreats are life changing. And those changes include stronger marriages, more loving families, and closer relationships to God. So come join us on a weekend you will never forget!

The Encounter Retreats are equally powerful for the new believer and the mature Christian. The new believer receives the revelation of who Christ is and the benefit of His work on the cross through the healing and nurturing love of God, while learning ways to get closer to God. The more mature believer has the opportunity to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God while being strengthened in wisdom and understanding as God touches the mature believers life in key areas. The result for the new believer and the more mature Christian alike are a new found freedom and empowerment, with a new closeness to God.

The Encounter Retreats are gender specific for adult men and women. Youth attend Encounter Retreats with their peers, portions of which are gender specific.