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The School of Leaders is a training program designed to establish the believer in Christian character, doctrine, and leadership. At its core is the belief that every Christian has the potential to impact his or her sphere of influence for Christ.

Therefore, we have three main goals:

  1. to provide an overview and understanding of basic Christian doctrines and worldview
  2. to impart practical teaching on growing in Christ-like character and values
  3. to establish leadership principles in potential cell group leaders

The School consists of three progressive levels of 10 week sessions. Each trimester students will work closely with their teacher and their cell leader to practically complete assignments. The School is committed to building greater relationship between the members and leaders of cell groups in order to foster a greater sense of community within the local body.

Overview and Expectations:

During the course, each student will be asked to complete weekly life application assignments, as well as fulfill book and reading requirements. By committing to excellence in study and transparency in growth, students will experience a rewarding journey with the Lord. In order to attend the school, students must:

  • attend an Encounter retreat.
  • complete the Post-Encounter classes.
  • actively attend a cell group.
  • have a desire to learn and grow in the Christian faith.

For more questions about the School, please email EHESLIN@nbccsite.org