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Ministry Service Teams

Our Ministry Service Teams (MST) are designed to support our sunday moring worship services. They provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally, serve others, and build valuable relationships through ministry. Our goal is to provide a warm, friendly, caring and comfortable experience for our members and guest during our worship services. Our purpose is to create value in people by making them feel special and important through our ministry services.


Hospitality Ministry

In the course of serving our members and guest there are times when our staff needs to be refreshed. It is in these times that our Hospitality Team serves by providing refreshments for our Pastors and staff. At special times the Hospitality Team also will provide refreshments for our worshippers for services and special events.

Media Visual Ministry

The Media Visual Team provides visual support for the Pastoral Leadership and music lyrics for our worshippers as well as our Creative Arts Ministry and special events. They also provide information to our congregation by way of announcements.

Special Events Ministry

Our Special Events is a team of creative individuals who use their gifts, talents and abilities to organize and prepare events from start to finish that occur outside the normal weekly services. From organizing a fashion show to setting up a picnic, they are up to the task.

Security Ministry

The Security Team is a unit of trained individuals whose sole purpose is to provide a safe and respectful environment for the congregation of NBCC to worship & fellowship. They provide safety and or assistance for congregates from the time they step in NBCC from the time they leave.

Traffic Ministry

The Traffic Team provides directions in the parking lot for worshippers to facilitate the entering, exiting and parking of vehicles.

Translation Ministry (Spanish)

The Translation Team provides simultaneous translation to Spanish speaking individuals (via headsets) during worship services and special events. They are located in the sanctuary by the side entrance.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Team provides transportation to and from NBCC worship services from the surrounding areas of Greenwich to Norwalk.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry provides a welcome and orderly environment during the worship services. Ushers assist with seating, receiving offerings, serving communion and responding to emergencies.

Cafe Team

The CafeTeam provides the congregation with refreshments and an opportunity for worshippers to fellowship after services. They are located at the end of the Children’s wing.

Communion Team

Communion is that time of worship when we serve one another through the symbolic elements which represent the body of Jesus Christ. The Communion Team prepares these elements for our worship service.

The Resource team

The Resource Team assist people in their personal growth by providing access to books, tapes, CD’s as well as other Christian materials. You can also gather Pastor Rob’s latest messages and series from the Resource Center.

The Front Desk Team

The Front Desk Team provides assistance and information to worshippers before and after services. The Front Desk is located in the lobby to answer questions, to give directions, and to distribute designated materials.

The Greeter Team

The Greeters Team provides a warm welcome to all members and visitors before each worship service and NBCC events. Greeters are located at our sanctuary entrance to distribute bulletins and information in addition to smiles, handshakes, and general assistance.

Here are some of our applications and registration forms. Contact us if you need assistance!



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