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Our Core Values

1. An authentic relationship with God is the top priority:
We believe that the most important thing Christians can do is develop a daily authentic relationship with God, in which they experience the unconditional love of God. This will be reflected in their communion with Him and the character of their lives. Mark 12:28-30

2. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit is present and available in all that we do:
We believe in the importance of every believer engaging in a viable relationship with the Holy Spirit, and depending fully on His supernatural empowerment to help in the accomplishment of the great commission. John 14:26, Acts 1:8

3. The Bible is our standard:
We believe the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired, infallible, and able to transform the lives of those who hear, read, meditate, and practically apply it. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

4. Genuine worship is essential to experiencing the presence of God:
We believe that our worship to God must be genuine in expression and inspired by the Holy Spirit in order to glorify God, as He inhabits the praises and worship of His people. John 4:24, Psalm 22:3

5. Prayer is our avenue to living in a vital relationship with God:
We believe that prayer is invaluable in the Christian life. Prayer brings us into direct and vital communication with our heavenly Father; deepening our personal relationship while allowing us to experience His power as we receive answers, continual wisdom, and guidance. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

6. Loving relationships should permeate every area of church life:
We believe in the importance of loving unconditionally as was first demonstrated to us by Christ. Therefore, we desire to foster an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness toward every person. This loving relationship is best nurtured

7. Fostering and nurturing community is vital to the health of a church:
We believe that real community happens in both, supportive small group settings, which allow for deep interpersonal and transformational relationships to develop through exploring the communicated word, prayer, and fellowship, as well as through participating in weekly corporate settings. Acts 2:46-47

8. Empowering members for ministry as well as life is a priority in church life:
We believe the local church should be an equipping center that enables believers to identify, understand, and develop their God given gifts in order to maximize their personal influence in every sphere of his or her life. Empowering believers to maximize their potential, for the building up of God’s kingdom allows for a greater synergistic impact in the world. Ephesians 4:11-14

9. Lost people matter to God, therefore they matter to us:
We believe in the importance of reaching as many unchurched people as possible, utilizing every possible means so that the maximum number of people in our generation might enjoy and become an active participant in the abundant life of Christ. Luke 19:10

10. The gospel message is relevant to every facet of modern day life:
We believe the gospel message is relevant to our lives today and does not end with a changed life, but has a dynamic rippling effect resulting in a changed world, from individuals, to families, to communities, and to nations. The gospel has the power to transform. Matthew 28:19-20