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How the Mighty Fall

A few weeks ago as I was praying with my dear friend Lenny Weston (a powerful apostolic prophet residing in Ohio), he was caught up into heaven and heard the voice of the Lord saying something like this “How the mighty have fallen; I am going to remove many candlesticks from their places, so that…

Ten Myths about Biblical Prosperity

There has been much written in recent years about the Christian’s role in producing wealth on the earth. The following are common misconceptions in the church regarding prosperity and wealth creation that need adjustment for us to have biblical balance & integrity, and experience transformation in our families, communities, and nations. I. Prosperity is automatic…

Why Some Christian Movements Avoid the Law of God

Historically there have been many expressions of Christianity that have held less than a scriptural view of the law of God. In this article, the law of God refers to the Ten Commandments given to Moses (Exodus 20), and the civic laws that apply these commandments as case law in society. (For a brief example:…

Cecil the Lion and the Absurdity of Secularism

In the past several weeks, the headlines have been flooded with denunciations of hunter Walter Palmer who illegally killed Cecil the Lion. While I was also aghast at the dastardly deed done against Cecil, I was more upset over the fact that the mainstream media was not giving the proper attention to the videos that…

T.D. Jakes and His View of Biblical Ethics in Society

T.D. Jakes recently caused a stir when he made ambiguous statements regarding the relationship between the black church, the LGBT community and his evolving views on the subject. In this interview, he seemed to craft his answers ambiguously enough to be able to relate to those camped on opposite ideological sides of the issue. (He…

Faith and Partiality

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Wisdom for Life

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Eight Signs of Hyper Grace Churches

The past several decades we have seen a dramatic decline in doctrinal and biblical preaching. We have gone from theology to therapy in the pulpits. In the past decade we went from therapy to motivational speaking instead of preaching. In addition to this, whole churches and movements have oriented themselves to a distorted understanding of…

How To Experience Jesus Part 2

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How To Experience Jesus Part 1

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