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3 Horrible Supreme Court Decisions-Are We Heading For Another One?

The Supreme Court is about to make a landmark decision regarding making same sex marriage a federal law- thus overturning states rights in this important issue. The supreme courts final ruling will not neccesarily be the end of the cultural battle as we can see from three other landmark decisions that either were overturned or…

5 Reasons The USA Is In Serious Decline

The word of God tells us that the nation of Israel was disinherited because they turned away from God. Various sins were manifest in Israel including idolatry, sexual immorality, false prophets who promised peace, and so on. Regarding the USA, it happens to be the only other nation besides Israel (that we know of in…

The Covenant and The Law

http://josephmattera.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/4.26.15-1st-Svc-Bishop-Joseph-MatteraEDITED.mp3 The post The Covenant and The Law appeared first on . Source:: Joseph Mattera       

Bruce Jenner and human design

Bruce Jenner and Human Design Just recently Bruce Jenner admitted that he is injecting female hormones to transform his body into a women. This is coming from a guy who was once a symbol of male prowess because of his glory days as a U.S. Olympic hero. His transformation was celebrated by many celebrities and…

We All Need to Learn How to Fail Forward

I heard it said once that “failure is the parent of innovation.” This is a very true statement because before every successful career or endeavor there are usually a multitude of failures. We all have to learn to “fall forward.” As we entered a new year, we should have reflected on the successes and failures…

Ten Signs of Leadership Burnout

This past November my wife and I reached 34 years in full-time church ministry. In our day, we have seen many a leader lose their zeal for God and fall away from the work of the Lord. Often it is due to the fact they did not take the adequate time needed to seek the…

March 2015

MMI Ministry Report March 2015 It’s hard to believe, but almost a quarter of the New Year has already passed! Time is going by fast because so much is taking place. The following is a brief summary report of the extensive ministry that took place this past month. Words of Life Church N.Y.C. (Sunday March…