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Five Ways We Show Thankfulness to God

Whatever you are thankful for in your life multiplies. I remember one day I was very discouraged and realized that I was discouraged because I was focusing on negative things and wasn’t thankful. As soon as I began to thank God for the blessings in my life I immediately received strength. The Bible teaches us…

Seven Contemporary Extremes in the Teaching of the Kingdom of God

Almost everywhere I go believers are attempting to apply the Kingdom message to influence the cultural mountains, which are described as the major areas we need to influence in order to transform society: politics, economics, education, family, religion, arts/entertainment, and science. Consequently, with every move of God there are always extremes and/or misunderstandings. Of course,…

How the Radical Grace Message Dismisses the Fear of God

Since I have been a believer (since 1978) I have witnessed many theological and thematic trends in the church. (E.G. “The word of faith”, “Inner healing”, “deliverance”, “prosperity gospel” and more.) The past decade we have witnessed a “radical grace” message sweep across the global church. In the context of this article, Radical Grace refers…

Eight Leadership Principles for Finishing Well

There have been great leadership books on living a significant life and finishing well (Halftime by Bob Buford comes to mind). In this article, I want to focus especially on how senior pastors and apostolic leaders can finish well. One of the saddest conversations I ever had was with several older apostolic leaders who confided…

Seven Reasons Why Some Believers Follow Rock Star Pastors

The church has seen the rise of “celebrity cult status” pastors who act like spiritual superstars. In this article I define rock stars as those who act as little gods who believe they are above everyone else. They walk around with an entourage, body guards, and are inaccessible to family, friends, high-level staff and peers,…

10 Attributes of the Coming Jesus Reformation

The past several decades, more believers are embracing a Christ-focused faith (or a Christological theology). I am referring to coming back to the New Testament focus of allowing Jesus Christ to be our center, our life, and our hermeneutic for interpreting the Scriptures. According to Ephesians 1: 9-11, this Christological focus, experience, and paradigm is…

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Protestant Reformation

The following are my opinions related to the advantages and disadvantages of the Protestant Reformation. First, here are the disadvantages of the Protestant Reformation: 1. It weakened the influence of Christendom which led to individual Christianity With much of the strength and unity of the Catholic Church broken, the church no longer had the political,…

Four Reasons Why Revival is Not Enough

I have been in countless meetings with church leaders who are impassioned to see a revival in our nation and/or in their churches and communities. One time, after a national prayer leader spoke on the need for the church to pray for revival, I raised my hand and asked him: “For what purpose do we…

Did God Divide the Church 500 Years Ago?

As a student of church history (I am not a church historian) and one who has tried to dig deep into my Christian roots so I am best able to position myself and the congregations I influence, I have a strong connection to both the ancient and future church — since the height of the…