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Different approaches to biblical preaching Prophetic, Rhema word preaching This kind of preaching is when a pastor waits upon the Lord during the week and (hopefully) God downloads a prophetic exhortation on the pastor to deliver to the church. This is a very common style of preaching especially in the Pentecostal and Charismatic church world….

12 Contrasts Between Apostolic Movements And Denominations

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book entitled “An Anthology Of Essays On The Apostolic.” These generalizations may or may not be true for particular denominations and apostolic movements: I. Apostolic Movements vs. Denominations 1. An apostolic movement is usually led by one strong visionary/A denomination is usually directed by a board. 2….


PART I Through the years, I have come to believe that there is nothing more important than the Scriptures to mature the Body of Christ. The Purpose of the Word “to equip the saints” It tells us the purpose of the Word of God to equip in Paul’s second letter to Timothy 3:15-17 when […]…

20 Contrasts between a Victim and Victorious Mindset

Through the five plus decades I have lived in NYC I have observed many kinds of people. For the sake of this article I will break these people down into two categories: those with a victim mentality and those with a victor mentality. Those with the victim mindset interpret the world totally different from those…

The Audacious, Untamed God of Church Planting, Part II

Acts 13-28 In Acts 13:1-2, we see that the leadership of the Antioch church regularly ministered to the Lord together with the practice of fasting. This church was so new that they did not even have apostles in their leadership, only prophets and teachers. This is because they knew that they had to be sensitive…

20 Amazing Implications of the Dominion Covenant

In Genesis 1:26-28, we read the original covenant of creation God gave Adam. This is the most important covenant in the bible to understand our purpose in the earth because it shows the original intent in which we were created. Essentially, man, made in the image of God, was called to have children; he was…

Four Reasons Why Revival Is Not Enough

I have been in countless meetings with church leaders who are impassioned to see a revival in our nation and/or in their churches and communities. One time, after a national prayer leader spoke on the need for the church to pray for revival, I raised my hand and asked him: “For what purpose do we…

The Audacious, Untamed God of Church Planting

PART I Ever since the dawn of the era of the church, God has exploded onto the scene of humanity with awesome displays of strategy, power and missionary expansion. There is no greater example of this in the Scriptures than in the way God expanded His Kingdom through the planting of churches in key cities….

Understanding the Differences between Protégés, Partners and Parasites

Being involved with pastoral and apostolic-type ministry for more than three decades, I have attempted to prioritize building relationally through covenant, and mentoring. This experience has shown me that in order to be successful I must discern between three types of people: protégés, partners, and parasites. The following are my observations regarding these three kinds…

Applying the Law of God in Culture

Although we can get ideas and extrapolate principles regarding the application of the moral law to culture from the 613 civic laws, it is important we also attempt to see how the Ten Commandments can affect present day public policy. Because the Ten Commandments are not the sole focus of this book, I will just…