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The Myth of Institutional Legacy Building

Jesus told us quite clearly that He will build His church (Matthew 16:18). He did not say that He would help you build your own congregation, but that HE WOULD BUILD the church in general. (The difference in meaning between the two are significant and profound as related to the conceptual framework of this article.)…

The Greatest Existential Threat to America

The greatest threat to the future and prosperity of America is not terrorism, nuclear war with Iran, or a conflict with Russia. By far the greatest threat to our nation is the politicized division via partisans in both parties, popular media, radical community activists, and the social scientists that thrive upon dissension. Jesus said, “a…

Signs of Power-Hungry Leaders

God-ordained public service should never be about a person’s desire for power and prestige, but should arise out of a servant’s heart to meet the needs of the people they represent. Jesus modeled this when He washed the feet of His disciples and when He said that the greatest in the Kingdom of God are…

Understanding the Mystery of God to Fulfill the Purpose of God

Many today desire to realize the purpose of their lives. Pastor Rick Warren capitalized on this by writing a book that has sold more than 50 million copies entitled “The Purpose-Driven Life”. Many believers in Christ are obsessed with understanding their purpose. This has resulted in millions of Christian books being sold related to this…

Biblical Standards for Leadership in an Age of Scandal

In an age of an Evangelical church culture that is fraught with scandals, we must continually remind and ground ourselves in the biblical criteria for leadership. Otherwise, we will lose our credibility within our churches and before the world. In addition, every church’s board of trustees should insist their pastor be accountable to a higher…

Building Empires But Not God’s Kingdom

Ever since the divide of the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity in the 11th century, two of the greatest fears of once-united Christendom have been realized: fragmentation and division. Even in the 16th century, when Martin Luther’s protest against the Roman Catholic Church’s abuses sparked the Protestant Reformation, leaders hoped there would be only…

Leading Reasons Pastors Fall (and Solutions)

(Some of the ideas in this chapter come from insights shared by Linda Lindquist-Bishop, during an email exchange.) Through the years I have often analyzed why so many pastors fall into sin or resign from church ministry. I came up with a number of primary reasons, which are enumerated in this chapter. 1. Churches are…

It’s Time to Bridge the Huge Gaps in the Church

Since I have been serving God in leadership since 1980 I have observed serious gaps in the church in at least seven major areas. If not corrected, these seven areas will greatly limit the ability of the church to fulfill the great commission which is preparing us for the bodily return of Jesus. To deal…

6 Ways to Discern Between Rogue and Real Prophetic Ministries

There has been a rise in recent days of prophetic ministries and leaders who are appealing to masses of believers via social media (instead of through local churches) by promising them personal “prophetic ministry”. This is troubling to me on several levels, since many of the people attending these conferences are not seasoned leaders of…