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Contrasting the Contemporary Wimpy Jesus with Jesus as Warrior King

Much of what has been written and preached about Jesus the past decade has often amounted to nothing more than a watered-down milk, toast version of the real Jesus. This has been largely done to appease contemporary society’s “anti-masculine” culture and to attract more followers and fill up more church buildings on Sundays. However, as…

10 Ways Christians Use God to Excuse Ungodly Behavior, Part 2

The following is a continuation of a two-part article, read Part 1 here. 6. When people replace practical living with mystical practice There are some leaders I have heard teach who actually think that they can set up righteous governments on the earth merely by making declarations of faith as the “ecclesia of God”. I…

10 Ways Christians Use God to Excuse Ungodly Behavior, Part 1

Jesus dealt with the very interesting issue of using Scripture to justify or excuse unbiblical practices. We see this mentioned in Mark 7:9-13 when the Jewish leaders of His day replaced honoring and caring for their parents with offering sacrifices to God which they called Corbin. Also, as we read the Gospels we notice that…

The Five Portions that Should Determine Biblical Theology

There is no such thing as neutrality; everyone operates from a bias. The word of God teaches that our foundation for knowledge should be the fear of the Lord–not human reason, culture, science, or anything else. 1. Scripture Proverbs 9:10 says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” In the tradition of…

January to March 2019 MMI Report

The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2019 (Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the…

Ten Things Congregations Wish Their Pastor Understood

I. Congregations wish their pastor would preach messages relevant to their daily needs and struggles 1. Many pastors out of seminary are answering questions no one is asking. 2. Many pastors are preaching over the head of the average believer. 3. Many pastors are preaching abstract truth not easily applicable in the lives of the…

7 Ways the Holy Spirit Convicts the World of Sin

Much of the Body of Christ today merely thinks about renewal, revival, awakening, and manifestations of God’s power when they think of the Holy Spirit’s function. Although we would all love to speak about revival and renewal in the church, we have to realize that the Holy Spirit has many other significant functions that are…

Twelve Signs of Abusive Leadership

There has been many articles of leaders in the media lately who take advantage of other people. This is a common pattern of abuse in which leaders use their positions of authority to take advantage of their subordinates or those looking to them for help. There are many signs of abusive leadership, which can relate…