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Seven Ways to Develop a Prophetic Culture in Your Church

A prophetic culture is an exciting and much needed element for a cutting edge local church. By “prophetic culture” I am referring to having a sense of anticipation among the attendees that God is going to manifest His presence and speak directly to His people, either through the preached Word of God and/or through the…

The Biblical View of Investigating Accusations

With the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearings currently happening, there is now a focus related to the process of determining truth when there is a serious allegation against another person. Although – short of verifying something empirically with DNA (when there is a physical assault without another witness to verify said assault) – the presentation of…

Does God Still Bring Natural Disasters and Judge Humanity?

There has been a tendency in the Body of Christ for the past several decades to simplify our understanding of the nature of God and the bible to comport with our rational understanding of good, evil, and justice. Consequently, this quest to simplify everything has resulted in a definition of God’s goodness that focuses on…

20 Signs of a Toxic Organizational Culture

The following 20 signs are based on my observations regarding organizational dysfunction associated with a toxic (poisonous) culture in any organization. In this article, the word culture refers to the prevailing attitude, behavior, and unspoken feeling and or rules that motivate and determine how people respond, react, and act in the context of their work….

12 Mental Health Hazards for Pastors

With the incredibly heartbreaking suicide of young pastor Andrew Stoecklein, the topic of mental health for pastors is now front and center of the conversation regarding spiritual leadership. Paul the apostle alluded to some of his psychological challenges in the intensely personal 2 epistle to the Corinthians when he said he “was under great pressure,…