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The Seven Dysfunctions of an Organization

The structure of this article is taken from a Daily News article that detailed an elected official’s failed leadership style which resulted in chaos and an organizational mess in this official’s administration. This stunning confidential report was ordered by this official for the purpose of analyzing their operational efficiency when they were serving as a…

Ten Cautions for Gifted Leaders

I. Never allow secondary leaders to slack off because of your strength to lead. II. Avoid temptation to do jobs others are capable of doing; learn to delegate and work yourself out of a job. III. Never allow your love for challenges to tempt you to tackle a crisis without proper counsel. IV. Never allow…

10 Ways the Church Turns Off the Next Generation 

Most pastors and churches I know are trying hard to reach the next generation. Some are doing a good job, while some are barely moving the needle. The difference is related to their methods and how they convey the message. I have been mentoring young leaders since the late 1970s and have discovered keys to…

Ten Kinds of People Nobody Can Help

I’ve been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, and I have a desire to help everyone. But, I have learned the hard way that I cannot help every person who attends our church or who comes to me for input. The following are ten kinds of people I have identified that are so…

Our Declaration of Independence From God

Since the original Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson and made official in 1776, the USA has made an about turn from the values of that document. Anyone examining the Declaration of Independence is immediately impacted by the new nation’s utter dependence upon God, His providence and its Judeo/Christian worldview. The fact that their…

Top 10 Reasons for Leadership Stress

Having served in various kinds of leadership capacities for the past four decades, I have observed common stress points for both workplace and church place leaders. Not dealing with several of these can result in burnout, as well as personal and vocational failure. I have collapsed my observations down to a top ten list for…

15 Contrasts Between True and False Apostolic Leaders 

Jesus commended the Ephesian church for testing apostles to see if they were legitimate—we should do the same (Revelation 2:2). Also, for the sake of brevity, I am going to use term “apostle” for the title of each point instead of my usual “apostolic” (I usually use the term as an adjective rather than an…

Seven Contrasts between Fathers and Teachers

The Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 4:15 that we have many teachers but not many fathers in the church. During this Father’s Day season it is important to remember the significant role fathers play in the formation of both their spiritual and biological children. I speak as a person who functions in and understands…