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Debunking 12 Erroneous Views About the Apostolic

Through the years there has been much opposition to the restoration of Apostolic ministry today. Having been educated in non-charismatic bible institutes and universities, I have a very good understanding of those who misunderstand the global restoration of the five-fold ministry gifts as seen in Ephesians 4:11. The following are twelve of the arguments against…

Apostles to Intellectuals

Nowadays, many leaders, including myself, are attempting to apply the Bible to contemporary culture so the church can function as salt and light and disciple the nations. This is nothing new. The early church grappled with the same issue of being biblical but relevant to contemporary society. Soon after the first generation of its birth,…

Will Preaching the Word Soon Be Illegal? 

In the news recently, on April 19, 2018, it was said “California Bill AB 2943 has passed.” According to this law, the church can no longer preach or teach that homosexuality is a sin or wrong behavior and cannot try to correct that behavior. Even psychotherapy for gender dysphoria is against the law. Somebody on…

Recapturing the Word of God and the Rest of God

Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were able to reflect God’s image because they fellowshipped with Him in the Garden of Eden. After the Fall, the redemption story regarding Christ’s death on the cross is all about trying to restore the image of God in humanity. Without being connected to God again and hearing His…

7 Ways To Live This Year in the Fullness of God

Seven ways to live 2018 in the fullness of God: 1. Commit to acknowledge God in all your ways (Proverbs 3:5,6) Many times we make decisions and then ask God to bless them: this year start off by bringing God’s Word and God’s Spirit into every major decision and give Him opportunity to speak to…

The Necessity of Restoring Apostolic Ministry Today, Part 1

Since the late 1940s, there has been a resurgence of attempts to activate the five-fold ministry gifts as found in Ephesians 4:11. Starting with the “Latter Rain movement” in Canada, various groups have arisen proclaiming the restoration of the apostolic and Prophetic gifts to go along with the evangelist, pastor, and teacher gifts. The result…

The Six Costly Mistakes of Church Planters

My wife Joyce and I planted our local church over thirty years ago (on January 29, 1984) in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, New York. We were not sent out with any money and with only a handful of people who volunteered to serve with us. The following is based on all the mistakes…

Five Models of Societal Transformation

Through the years, I have been very interested in applying the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to culture. Hence, I have been involved closely and have studied many different models regarding this subject. The concepts regarding how the church should engage culture vary from merely affecting the quality of life of a community to…

Does Hell Exist?

The concept of a person spending an eternity in Hell is so grave to me that I do not believe it is intellectually possible for me to fully conceive it. As a matter of fact—I believe that most Christians live as though there is no Hell, because if we truly believed its existence we would…