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Why Jesus Died and Rose

Problems are the price of progress; the obstacles of life are intended to make us better, not bitter. “We continually face great opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.” God the Father led His only begotten Son to suffer for us so He could rise for us. The following are principles in Scripture and life showing…

Ten Reasons Some Pastors Develop a Superstar Mentality

From the outset of this article I do not want to convey the thought that just because leaders have name recognition or become popular that they are not people of God. Many of my close friends in the ministry are also celebrities in their own right but do not exhibit the below traits. However, it…

The Common Kingdom Story Unbelievers Share with Believers

Often, when we are sharing the gospel with an unbeliever we think that we must begin with a blank slate in regards to their understanding of and adherence to God and salvation. We try our best to understand their perspective and their personal narrative and see how we can fit in the gospel message. What…

Ten Things Effective Ministries Value

1. Effective Ministries Value the Whole ChurchTo be effective in the current culture wars, Evangelicals can no longer afford to shun their Catholic and Orthodox brethren. It is going to take the whole church standing together on social issues to see societal transformation. We may not be in the same denomination or local church, but…

Twelve Characteristics of the New Apostolic Leaders

The so-called Apostolic Reformation since the mid 90’s signaled the end of identifying Christian movements merely by denominations. With that, there was a new emphasis on visionary leaders in the body of Christ known to function with the five-fold ministry gift of apostle (Ephesians 4:11). These apostolic leaders have had a demand upon them to…

7 Ways to Develop a Prophetic Culture in Your Church

A prophetic culture is an exciting and much needed element for a cutting edge local church. By “prophetic culture” I am referring to having a sense of anticipation among the attendees that God is going to manifest His presence and speak directly to His people, either through the preached Word of God and/or through the…

Debunking 11 Primary Arguments Against Divine Healing, Part I

In this two-part series, we will explore debunking eleven primary arguments against divine healing. The following are the first five arguments: Through the years I have witnessed many astonishing answers to prayer along with supernatural physical healings. In my beginning years as a believer I saw virtually nobody healed, which led me to diligently search…