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Grateful for the opportunity to worship with such a talented team at this year’s Christmas service. “Behold Him” was a beautiful production – every single voice, instrument, dance, narration, and exhortation was so anointed and truly glorified our King I’m even more grateful for the lives that came to Christ at both services. Thank you Lord! Merry Christmas everyone!

Kimel Lalanne

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that played a part in bringing forth the vision for the Christmas Service yesterday at NBCC. It’s a beautiful thing to see people give back to God the gifts he has given them, so that He would be glorified. A spirit of wonder, excellence and passion for Jesus was poured out on the church yesterday. And it would have never happened without this diverse group of gifted people, unified in a common cause to draw people into greater intimacy with the King of Kings. Someone had shared with me yesterday that the service was a “perfect representation of all that this year has been….surrendering to the love of a mighty God!” Perfectly said. It was a great ending. Looking forward with great expectation for the church in 2015. Like Robert Cassara said…We love you guys and are so thankful for your service. NBCC worship Team, The Freedom Dancers, Lights and Sound. Consolidation, special Musical Guests, ushers, greeters, hospitality and the children’s ministry…thank you.

Gayle Cassara

Pastor Robert Cassara, one of my guests said her arms were tingling, she could feel the presence of God

Lorena Valdes Davison

Well done…excellent…superb and outstanding to the entire team of our NBCC Special Christmas Musical! We are so proud of everyone… thank you for all your hard work and grueling practices…Christ was seen everywhere. Gayle Bates-Cassara and I love you all… Merry Christmas to you!

Pastor Rob Cassara

Richard C Collins I tried to pick out my favorite moment but there are honestly too many. It was phenomenal from beginning to end. I will say that the dancers left me in awe of God creating a visual of the torn veil that has now given us access to our Dad and King. Powerful! Also the monolouge by Gayle was incredible and I believe dropped something in the atmosphere that we are about to experience as a corporate body. Get ready New Beginnings! IS a new beginning!

Richard C Collins

What was your favorite part of this years Christmas Service: Every single moment….. From beginning to end…… Superb!!!!!

Stephanie E Smith

Watching the looks of joy and attentiveness on the faces of my family members that come to worship with me/us. Having the experience with them. The service itself and all the apparent hardwork, effort and dedication that was put into making it memorable. As Pastor said, “THE WORLD IS BROKEN!” and in such God omitting times THIS WAS SIMPLY REMARKABLE. I often say, “A memory is just a moment if you don’t fill it with something tangible.” I WILL NOT FORGET THIS…..and considering my family made mention of it over brunch I imagine they aren’t either….

Gina Smith

I love my church,Pastor Rob is awesome with a fresh word from the lord every Sunday to fill your soul with much conviction and thought to keep you through the week. Your spirit will be fed and your soul revived. There is freedom to worship the lord in spirit and in truth. Awesome music ministry.

Diane Lee Weech

This is my church home where both I and my son received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! (With gift of tounges) We are really getting Kingdom ready! Multi ethnic…beautiful setting…located in prestigious Darien CT…itz awesome! #DaddiJesusReigns!

Kym'ya Montgomery

I love everthing about NBCC and I am soooooo!!! thankful to the Lord he has placed me under the leadership of Pastor Rob!! Thanks Lord for loving me and leading me the way you do!!!

Gloria Staropoli Ronca

This church is amazing! I love Pastor Rob and the way he preaches the true Gospel. He could easily have many more services if he was an ear tickler, but this man stands for the truth! The messages are raw, but have a good balance of Grace and obedience. He constantly has us reflecting on our own sin instead of burning others!  Every week the messages get better and better, this is a spirit filled church, I feel blessed to be a part of this body!


Graciela Hernandez

Once I stepped foot in New Beginnings I was immediately greeted. The live music, people, preaching, and more make this a wonderful church. I’ve been a member of New Beginnings for about a decade!

If you have a testimony about how NBCC has touched your life or the life of a family member, please tell us here. We will be sure to read it and may even post it on our website! Thank you and God bless!